Wednesday, February 22, 2006

3 Italy to Launch Commercial DVB-H Service

3 Italy announced that it plans to launch a commercial DVB-H service called La3 in Italy this June, coinciding with the launch of the FIFA World Cup, for which 3 has secured exclusive broadcast rights in Italy. The service will include 15 channels at launch, and will be expanded in the future to 40 channels. The service will initially be available the LG U900 and Samsung Stealth mobile handsets.


sagy said...

do you have the transmition parameters?

Dror Gill said...
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Dror Gill said...

Yes, they are using QPSK modulation with 8K carriers, FEC of 1/2, MPE-FEC of 3/4, Guard Interval of 1/8 and Timeslice of 2 seconds. See for more details.