Friday, June 13, 2008

Mobilkom Austria Launches Hybrid UMTS/DVB-H MobileTV Service

Mobilkom Austria is launching a new mobile TV service today called A1 TV Plus. The service is unique in that it combines mobile broadcast TV using DVB-H technology, with unicast streaming over the UMTS 3G cellular network. The service will include 15 DVB-H TV channels, 7 UMTS TV channels, and 5 radio channels. Some of the DVB-H channels will also be available via UMTS outside of the DVB-H coverage area.

The service is supported by the Nokia N77 handset, and will cost 9 Euros per month (viewing DVB-H channels will be free until the end of 2008). Mobilkom Austria is also offering its customers free viewing of 6 DVB-T channels (regular digital TV broadcast) on the LG-HB620 handset, and viewing the UMTS channels on a PC using the Huawei E510 HSPA modem.

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