Tuesday, April 25, 2006

HiWire To Offer Commercial DVB-H Service in the US

HiWire, a new subsidiary of Aloha Networks, announced yesterday that it plans to offer a commercial mobile TV service using DVB-H technology in the US. HiWire plans to use the 700 MHz spectrum acquired by its parent company in the last few years (UHF channels 54 and 59), which covers 60% of the US population. HiWire will compete with Crown Castle's Modeo, which plans to offer nationwide DVB-H services in the L-band 1700 MHz spectrum, and with Qualcomm's MediaFlo, which will also offer mobile TV services in the 700 MHz spectrum using its own technology.

HiWire is partnering with satellite services provider SES AMERICOM, who will provide the satellite and distribution platforms for the service. The two companies plan a trial in the Las Vegas area later this year.

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